Wayne Roberts, visual artist, Australia. Click for new homepage (4+ browsers) gondwana detail

Canberra-based artist: Wayne Roberts


Sample of past and recent works:

inspired by history, math, science


a new way of painting light

alps  |  alps 2

generic landscapes


Gondwana (detail) © 2001 Wayne Roberts

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recent paintings

recent paintings 2 (v scroll for more v)

abstraction 2,

abstract watercolour

australia: watercolour interpretations

modern figurative

abstraction 1 , abstraction. 3

modern figurative 2

seascapes/maritime art 1

marine watercolours 2


intuited landscapes & abstraction

watercolour 2,

watercolour collage




london in watercolour

marine watercolours 3

moments observed


The images on this page are a small sampler of works included in this site. Some are detail views only.

archived animated splash screen

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  Alps in watercolour  
  Intuitive compositions   Principia (detail)
    Otway through Blue Cow (detail)
  London in watercolour  

available watercolours

mixed media work for sale

large-scale abstraction

drawings for sale

music inspired (Tchaikovsky Opus 50)


art topics:

-beyond style in art

-music-art parallels




    paintings inspired by history, science, math  
  Generic landscapes of Australia