Leonhard Euler 1707 - 1783

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Euler was without doubt one of the greatest mathematicians of all time contributing something new to virtually every field of pure and applied mathematics in his day. He also wrote on such diverse topics as music, optics, acoustics, naval architecture, etc! Publication of his collected work in one compendium (?stupendium!) of volumes has consumed almost the entire twentieth century (undertaken by Swiss Academy of Science) and currently stands at more than 70 volumes of 500 large pages each! He produced an average of 800 pages of new mathematics per year over a career that spanned six decades (reference: Boyer, 1991; Dunham, 1994) When you add to this fact knowledge of the fact that he was totally blind nearly tweny years before he died, and yet his output did not slow or falter, his contribution can be seen to be in a word, extraordinary.

Swiss-born, served in Berlin Academy under Frederick the Great of Prussia, and also the St Petersburg Academy under Catherine the Great.

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