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Poems: in words and pictures

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All images and poems : © copyright  1998 - 2008  Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.


Starry night / Cloudy night: the Same.
Eyelid of Earth is open. Or closed.
There is no time
In space.

A telescope for a time mine stands indoors,
Perfectly curved glass and silver mirrors
Aligned in amplified silence.
A small cylindrical space sequestered,

Sings my heart and words cannot convey
Photons and melodies—lovely, lyrical,
Would that my art stays

—a telescope


© 2006 - 2008 Wayne Roberts

The following poem is inspired by Nobel laureate in physics, Erwin Schrödinger


There is nothing that is nothing

There is nothing that is not nothing

There is nothing but



© 2008 Wayne Roberts


A visual poem~

Cellular membrane: tessellations and tautologies
an animated visual poem by Wayne Roberts

Cellular membrane: tessellations and tautologies, (clicking image will take you to the artist's theory site principlesofnature.com)

© 1998- 2008 Wayne Roberts

See also the artist's 'scale-structure theory' website ~

Sea water shallows

a liquid irregular tessellation - a 'scale structure'
see the artist's scale structure theory web site, principlesofnature.com

Sea waterc shallows - a liquid irregular tessellation - photograph by Wayne Roberts

© copyright 2006 - 2008 Wayne Roberts


Whale Song

Nature hears the Whale Song

Nature hears the wail.


© 2008 Wayne Roberts

Suns and planets

The Morning Star —like a last sigh of night,
Bright like a landing jet in the twilight sky.

Stars and planets cast their gossamer net,
As the quilt of stars heaves gently to the west
And, though faintly mindful of the velvet dark,
The dawn eclipses great passages of the night
Resting within glimpsed moments
As stars stitched through a frosty lawn.

© 2006 Wayne Roberts

Sunburnt Country

Tread water, tread
Slessor's Five Bells
Would not be silent in this stark light,
Silent Night at Christmas would be wrong
And Vincent's Starry Night—a song instead.

The after-image of wheat fields, the Wasteland
Of TS returns
As the sun burns
Fate big wheels turn,
Farmers leave their footptints in sand
Arms swing in a sad gait,
Leaving their last stand
For the first time.

© 2006 Wayne Roberts

next two poems are tributes to A.A. Milne and Ogden Nash~

A poem is

Poets need a rhymery-nurse
When 'dull' supplants 'alluring'
Prescription: 'a small re:Verse'
On artful immaturing.

I wrote it just the other dye,
It seems I am so stupid,
But now I've found the reason why,
The poets needed 'cupid'.

The poem (if it izz at all)
Is bound to be a fizz,
Because I signed it not, 'n'it's called
'A poem (simply) is'.

© 2006 Wayne Roberts

A painting is

A painting is a simple thing,
It sits upon the wall,
And whether it doth sob or sing,
Matters not at all.

It utters not a single word
A language all the same,
Its wordless song no less unheard
And measured by its frame.

A painting is a kind of note
A scrawl across a page
Perhaps a note of music
Or the jottings of an age.

A painting seems to write itself,
Not that there's any wrong,
It is a law unto its elf
Who rhymes the song along..

A painting is a simple sign
In darkness it hath shone
A dimple on the face of time
A simple sign,

© 1998-2008 Wayne Roberts

History of today

a history of today:
happy and sad at the same time.

(steeps the tea, hot then cold). Whether
Opposites can hold hands, tether and rhyme
Is a deep mystery that dwells beyond reason
A winter sun, a summer breeze
Vivaldi four a season
Dancing crowns of trees
All these


© 2006 - 2008 Wayne Roberts

Teach me to fly

Teach me, Universe, to fly

i am down, here

Barely a smile
Barely a light
Barely a starry starry night
Carry me, care, hold me tight,
While I learn the airy weight
Beneath the wings
Of flight.

© 2006 Wayne Roberts


On parents sitting in on music lessons

Perhaps parents shouldn’t sit in on lessons.
Couldn’t they rather listen through doors?
(Mores for a vacant space anyway;
Sound-rhymes open, rise then lessen
As though from a distance, time listens in.

Thus may visit, (perhaps via hesitant notes)
An awareness of the beauty of music
Not of duty, but of their own child’s unity
With it.

© 2009 Wayne Roberts






seagulls squawk in the near distance,
wind gusts blow bursts of static in my ears

pelicans catch my eyes..
such big-billed birds
beautiful. i wait for their song too..

but there was no song ,
and the wind in my ears
now suddenly seemed like music,
accompanying theirs.

how the pelicans fly, glide!
outstretched, divide invisible air
now reunited behind their flighted paths
wings like double boomerangs conjoined,
arc of sky, pelicans,
how perfectly,
they fly.

huge airfoils of flight lift: white,
edged with beautiful dark feathers,
ailerons adjust..

..touch down touchlessly, flare,
skim glassy water,
wings folding,
now folded,

they watch,

as ships
go by.

photo © 2006 W Roberts
words © 2009 W Roberts



Resonances within a seaside Rockpool
a visual poem

Resonances within a seaside rockpool - the Looking glass


Resonance 1: pencillin - circle of healing
Resonance within a seaside rock pool - discovery of penicillium


Resonance 2 : Earth from Space
Resonances within a seaside rockpool, 2 - Earth from Space


Resonance 3 : Space from Earth
e rockpool 3 - Space from Earth


© copyright 2006-2008 Wayne Roberts. All rigbts reserved.


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