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Book    Principles of Nature, towards a new visual language. Handmade hardback first edition:
ISBN 0975-090356. Author: Wayne Roberts.

Principles of Nature - towards a new visual language

companion website launched 22 Oct , 2004

200+ pages, 100+ technical drawings, 25+ colour plates using high colour-fidelity 7-colour process. Printed on acid-free paper.Handmade hand-bound. Approx A4 size.

Handmade First editions in hardback now available for AUD$185 (includes postage within Australia) per copy via this webpage while stocks last.

For international orders, an additional postage and handling surcharge may apply. Therefore please first email contact.wroberts@wroberts.com.au with your address for a quote*.

Further enquiries to

Are there the equivalent of 'musical scales' for visual artists?

What are they and how might they be implemented?

What is a number? and, What is a unit? Have words and their defined concrete meanings hampered our view of universal interconnectedness? Could a new understandinding of 'interconnected equivalences of meaning' lead to advances/cures in medicine, and in other disciplines?

Can new knowledge in these areas lead to new a principle-based theory, yet with practical applications even at fundamental levels? In a word, Yes. This book shows how.

Could the future of visual art see an interactive visual communication akin to dance and improvisation in jazz?

These are among the many questions addressed in this book..