Wayne Roberts, watercolourist, Australia



by international award winning watercolour artist Wayne Roberts



Sanguine man, watercolour

Sanguine man

transparent watercolour, graphite and charcoal on Arches 640gsm rough paper, 69cm x 29cm

collection the artist


Mud, watercolour on Arches paper


transparent watercolour on Arches 640gsm cold-pressed paper, double imperial full sheet

private collection



Three sisters, watercolour painting by Wayne Roberts

Three Sisters

transparent watercolour on 300gsm cold-pressed Arches rag paper, 1/4 imperial full sheet

private collection



Alps at St Veran, watercolour

Alps at St Véran

transparent watercolour on 300gsm cold-pressed, 1/5 imperial full sheet

private collection


The Circumnavigators, watercolour by Wayne Roberts

The Circumnavigators

watercolour on 300gsm cold-pressed 100% cotton paper

collection Tilt



Portabello, watercolour


watercolour (with some gouache highlights) 56cm x 76cm

private collection