ocean wave paintings by Wayne Roberts

The ocean in watercolor - waves

Ocean waves in water color by marine artist Wayne Roberts. Pictured on this page is
a sampler of dramatic seascapes in watercolor, including lighthouses, waves, coastal,
and the open ocean. More seascapes by the artist may be seen on the marine art links provided below. Click here for unusual picture and commentary

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broadband presentation of dramatic Victorian coast, photos and paintings

All images this page © copyright 1992-2002 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.

Seascape painting in water color, Cape Otway
Cape Otway, Victoria, watercolor of the dramatic coast and huge waves of southern Victoria Australia, by Wayne Roberts. Collection of G. Simeral and P. Gegax click for close-up

Top three images: more closely observed representations of marine subjects. Other images this page: intuitive interactive realism


the ocean in watercolor

    Large waves , watercolor by Wayne Roberts
The Roaring Forties, watercolor,
© copyright Wayne Roberts
Private collection | close-up
  North Head Bilgola, watercolour
North Head Bilgola, watercolor by Wayne Roberts, 200cm x 74cm
Private collection. Close-up


"My grandfather was born on a small island in the Baltic Sea. As a child and young adult, I recall being fascinated by the stories of the sea he recounted. His own father had fallen through the ice and perished when my grandfather was only three years old (the sea froze between the islands every winter and they would skate across it between islands.) He served in the merchant navy from a very young age and survived the torpedoing and sinking of a ship during the war, as well as numerous terrific storms on the ocean.

My paternal grandfather also enjoyed sailing and boat-building so I guess this 'marine spirit' is somehow 'in the air' with my ancestral heritage and this perhaps explains my need to return again and again to the genre of seascape.

Watercolor is the perfect vehicle with which an artist may express the spirit of the ocean. Allowing the medium to flow and find its own resolution and balance of waves and troughs is something that has marked my watercolor seascapes. Rarely, if ever these days, do I paint a seascape with any rigid preconceived plan of how or where waves will be placed in the final image. These emerge interactively from the nonlinear flow characteristics of the medium and the differences in saturation or dampness of paper which I work into while the surface is still wet. It is as if the watercolor forms its own 'waves', and each wave, as on the surface of the ocean is in a sense a reflection of the summation of forces and rhythms experienced by every 'drop'. "

Wayne Roberts, © 2002

Lighthouse, watercolor by Wayne Roberts

watercolor seascape painting by marine artist, Wayne Roberts
private collection

intuitive interactive realism


Oceania,  painting of open ocean by marine artist Wayne RobertsOceania
intuitive seascape
© Wayne Roberts
collection P & F Mitchell

intuitive interactive realism


All images © copyright 1994-2002 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.

very unusual interpretation of the spirit and voyage of Magellan

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oil seascape, Cape Otway
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