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watercolour and collage on paper


Moonlit Head
watercolor/collage, 76 x 50cm
sold, private collection

seascapes 1 in watercolor


...to capture in a clear moment the rhythm and indistinct forms of headland and sea, the surging and subsiding waves clouded and dissolving in the sea spray yet sharpened by the focus of a frozen moment, ...spumy whitecaps...sea met by the shore's shadowy rocks, but these steely monoliths softened and rounded by the relentless rhythms of nature's ebb and flow ... these were my goals.

Torn pieces of collaged watercolour paper break the surface just as waves break in their rush to shore. The interleaved paper pieces reflect the jostle and vying of waves in their crowded dance towards the dramatic Victorian coast of Australia. The silence and sharpness of the cut-out shapes lend their out-of-balance weight to two conflicting but complementary ideas: the painting's timeless frozen moment; and, the allusion to its very opposite (and without which the very idea of a moment is meaningless): time's drawn-out fluid motion. These contrasts resonate even in the moon's circle, eclipsed by time captured.

© 2001 Wayne Roberts

watercolour collage, Bug Boggie Woogie at Dusk

Bug Boogie Woogie at Dusk
watercolor collage
private collection

abstract watercolours

Whale Beach, collage on canvas

Whale Beach
canvas collage & acrylic on 3 canvas panels
2003, overall dimensions: 240cm x 92cm
collection K. Doyle

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